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Use a ward councillor or ward team website to create your on-line campaign for elections and to keep residents aware of what your are doing in their area. There are now 4 biography slots so you can even add a candidate to your team for upcoming elections. Go to to subscribe now! Example text could be: Welcome to our Ward page where you can find out everything we are up to in your area or that affects you in this borough. This site is an important part of our communication strategy ensuring that we can meet as many people as possible ensuring that our politics is open, transparent and honest at all times. You can easily contact each of your councillors, and raise important issues with us. You can even hold a petition on our site that we can present for you at full council for you. We are here for you, you voted us in and we hope this website goes a step further to meeting your needs and bringing politics closer to you. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Ward Example Team Are:

Michael Ocean

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Judy Allen

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John Smith

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Martin Smith - Candidate

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06 November 2017

You can do it if you get on line

Being a councillor is easier if you are on line! Get on line now with 

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