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My Priorities

A fair, efficient and prosperous local economy

Fairness is an abstract concept, but I think we all know it when we see it. If we work smarter, we get more done at less cost, and prosperity allows us freedom. Combined, these things add up to a healthy community.  Healthier communities contribute to a stronger local economy, and a stronger local economy contributes to a healthier population. The strongest connection between health and the economy is sustaining a healthier workforce. Healthier people are more likely to show up for work, are more productive when at work, are in better physical and mental health, and are more likely to improve through education and skills training.

Further, a strong economy means better job opportunities. When people are well at work, they tend to be well at home and play...they are more likely to invest in the future, which in turn improves health and wellbeing.

Encourage a modern council that empowers community members

Kiama is a council that embraced the NBN, I chaired the committee and was astounded how forward thinking our staff could be. By keeping up with trends in administration, structure and strategic development, Council provides both a social and economic stimulant to our community.

Councillors are the governing body and as such, responsibility rests on our shoulders to maintain the technical edge necessary for the continuing process of community empowerment. That is enabling our community to increase control over their lives.

Support an open and tolerant community where diversity is celebrated in all its forms

We are smart enough to want to benefit from a community of people of different backgrounds, cultures and religions and understand the value of that diversity. By establishing tolerance and harmony with diversity, we learn things we did not know before. So councillors,  the community's policymakers, will see multiple perspectives, which will improve critical thinking on decisions related to Kiama's leading issues.

I might be over thinking this, but experience has taught me that better outcomes are achieved when we accept all people as equals.

A council that works to protect the environment, the character of our area and sustainable development