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About Me


A brilliant, innovative and representative council




  • My mission is to inspire and empower our Kiama community by listening, leading and serving. I will advocate for responsibility, maintaining our character and providing opportunity through sustainable change. I will engage, advocate and collaborate with the community and my fellow councillors to:

    • Strengthen community capacity

    • Provide economic opportunity

    • Positively influence policy decisions at all levels


Vastly improve community engagement

Council Leadership

Preserve and enhance our Character

Credentials (recent)

Executive Certificate for Elected Members (LGNSW) 2106

Grad. Cert. International Relations (Deakin University) 2008

Foundations of Directorship (Aust. Inst. of Company Directors) 2018

Community and Stakeholder Engagemeny (LGNSW) 2018


In my personal life, I have married to Wendy for over four decades with 3 adult children. I live in Kiama and have done for over 20 years. I have enjoyed a working lifetime in business, focusing on marketing and the creative aspects of advertising. I also serve on a number of boards, including the Italian Social Welfare organisation, ITSOWEL, of which I am currently the President.

Politically I am very neutral and consider myself a political agnostic.

I served in the Army (8/12 Medium Regiment, RAA) for three years in the early seventies.

I am an avid reader and have written three screenplays and I divide my time now between council and writing.

I want to make needed changes, encourage greater professional development for councillors and represent the community to the best of my ability.

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