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18 August 2019

Chemical storage at Sully Moors Rd

Having been contacted in regards to the planning application for permision to create a storage facility for Arsine and Phospine at an industrial unit on Sully Moors road close to the Biglis Roundabout...

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18 August 2019

Abandoned settee at Burnham Avenue Sports field

Following a number of complaints and comments on social media about the presence of a dumped settee at Burnham Avenue Sports ground for a good three weeks.


Realising that the hopelessly incompeten...

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17 June 2019

Recent news

Just a round up of various items and matters that I have been involved with of late affecting the area.


1) Well readers will probably already know the ruling Conservative administration has split ...

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My Priorities

Oversee of Sully and Lavernock Community Council

As explained on the news page on my site I have ... Read On

Traveller site

As pledged in my election manifesto since being ... Read On