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Our Priorities

Protect the Greenbelt

We believe that the GMSF should avoid large scale residential development in the Greenbelt.

The Greenbelt is a valuable barrier to further urban sprawl and is much valued by local people.

Brownfield land should be prioritised for residential development provided that the proper infrastructure is in place.

Managing Traffic In Hazel Grove

We know that the impact of the 35,000 cars travelling the A6 every day is significant on both residents and businesses in Hazel Grove. We want to make a difference in the effect that the traffic has on residents by making sure that we enable the through traffic in the area to pass quickly and efficiently.

Keeping Council Tax Down

Stockport has one of the highest levels of Council Tax and frankly it doesnt need to be.

We support keeping the level of Council Tax as low as possible while providing the essential services residents require.

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