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02 December 2016

Greater Manchester Spatial Framework Council Vote on 1st Dec

Written By Julian Lewis-Booth

There was much discussion at last nights Council meeting re the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) and its implications for residents of Stockport and the future of development in the Greater Manchester area.

Right or Wrong, the proposal for the GMSF is now out for its initial Consultation is at the following link:

It's not a particularly easy website but your response to this initial consultation is important, it will influence and affect the direction that this proposal takes.

The vote proposed last night to exit this process now and reject the GMSF is the wrong thing to do at this point. It would make it clear that some local politicians view their voice and view to be more important than those of the residents that they are supposed to represent.

We voted to allow the Consultation to continue and not to walk away. We are best served by pointing out the faults in this plan through the consultation that is open until the 23rd of December.

Your local Conservative team do not support the building of large blocks of housing in the Greenbelt, William Wragg has a petition running here:

This has generated thousands of pledges of support already, if you agree with protecting the Greenbelt locally we entreat you to sign it as well.

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