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19 June 2016

Stepping Hill <-> Park & Ride

Written By Julian Lewis-BoothStepping Hill <-> Park & RideClick to enlarge

I am not trying to advertise Stagecoach prices or services, however, the Park & Ride 7 day Megarider ticket between Hazel Grove and Stepping Hill is one that I'd like to make sure that people are aware of.

Parking in the area is a problem, it is going to remain a problem and there are only limited options that we all have to change this.

Hazel Grove is a desirable place to live and I hope it will continue to be. 

Hazel Grove also has several businesses based within it that provide local employment and long may this continue.

Hazel Grove is very close to a major NHS hospital that delivers hundreds of different services to residents across the Borough and beyond.

All of these factors plus the A6 which carries an average of 35000 vehicles a day makes parking a problem in our area.

Please consider other options wherever you can please!

This is the Stagecoach web page with the tickets detailed on it.

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