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17 June 2016

Hazel Grove Flooding

Written By Julian Lewis-BoothHazel Grove FloodingClick to enlarge

Last weekend bought the most significant flooding to areas of Hazel Grove that I have ever seen, this event affected areas that I had always assumed were safe, dry and had a very low risk of flooding.

There was an amazing amount of rain in a very short period. Nearly 50mm or 2" of rain fell in about two hours on Saturday and overwhelmed the sewers and brooks ability to drain it away and run off out of the area.

Most of the flood water in Hazel Grove was from Poise Brook breaking its banks and the overflow running down Torkington Road and then Hazelwood Road.

I was pleased with the reaction of the Emergency Services and also Council Officers who were on the scene quickly, there are lessons to be learned clearly but for now the effort has to be on clean up and assisting residents wherever possible.

One thing that I feel I have to comment on is how a number of motorists drove like prats through the flood waters. Just because you can doesn't mean that you should and the speed some drivers used on waterlogged roads caused several gardens and garages to be innundated from the bow waves that their vehicles left.

I was also surprised to have reported to me a number of cars that came through the flooded area several times, I know it was an unusual event but not really something that you should travel to see  a several times.

There is a Council update page that I recommend you head to if you require further information:

The council has also set up a hotline number on 0161 217 6111 for local residents to obtain further information and updates.

There are two other numbers I should make you aware of again:

United Utilities 0345 6723 723

Environment Agency Floodline 0345 988 1188

If either Oliver or I can help then please let us know Oliver is on 07445 927593 and my mobile is 07976 951448.


Thanks to Robert and Georgia for the photo of Torkington Road.

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