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13 July 2017

Council campaign to reduce contaminated waste

Council campaign to reduce contaminated wasteClick to enlarge

Mansfield District Council is launching a campaign to help reduce its level of contaminated waste in householders' recycling bins.

The district collected 7,225 tonnes of recycling waste from its blue bins in 2016/2017 which represents nearly a quarter of the total waste collected in its blue and green general waste bins. 

Of this recycled waste in 2016/17, 20% was waste placed in the wrong bin, an increase of 5% on the previous year. It is a figure which means Mansfield has the highest rate of contaminated waste of any district in the county.

In weight terms, the district created a whopping 1,445 tonnes in contaminated waste. 

As a result some of the council's wagons have already been rejected by the Veolia Materials Recovery Facility in the town and waste transferred to landfill, incurring charges of £100 per tonne. If more Mansfield bin lorries are rejected by Veolia, the council could be facing a hefty landfill charge bill by the end of the year.

The three-month council campaign, in which responsible recycling messages will be shared with schoolchildren, at council events and on social media will run between August and October.

It aims to help the council achieve its target of reducing waste contamination rate to 5%, which is the county's tolerance level for this kind of recyclable waste. 

Cllr Andrew Tristram. Portfolio Holder for the Environment, said: "Residents must take care to put only recyclable items in their blue bins, otherwise the council could be facing a huge landfill tax bill.

"Things like plastic bags, dirty nappies, greasy pizza boxes and plastic and metal food trays must go in the general waste green bins and not the blue bins. 

"We all have a responsibility to do our bit for the environment and Mansfield's level of contaminated waste puts us to shame in this county. The council is determined to improve this situation."

Among the messages the authority wants to convey is what waste must NOT go in the recycling bins. This includes:

Plastic bags
Plastic fruit punnets
Plastic meat trays
Food waste
Soiled takeaway containers
Foil food trays.

A waste and recycling guide is sent annually to every household and is available online.

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