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My Priorities

Berry Hill Park

Achieve corporate trusteeship of the Charity to ensure the future of the Park. Once this is done work with interested residents and groups to enhance the park and work towards sutainability

Lindhurst Development Construction Work

I will continue to work with residents, developers and the Council to support residents with complaints arising from the development phase of the site. I will work with residents to ensure the promised 20mtr buffer zone is put in place and we get the best development we can.

Protecting and Enhancing our Green and Open Spaces

In Berry Hill, we are fortunate to have many open spaces andd Parks including Thompsons Grave, King George V Park and Berry Hill. It is important that we protect and enhance these open spaces and parks we have in the area for all to enjoy. 

Nottingham Road Traffic Congestion

I am supporting the Mayor's efforts to get Notts CC Highways to urgently review the traffic congestion on the A60 Nottingham Road adjacent to Sainsbury's and McDonalds.

Use of Electric vehicles

I will support the use of electric powered vehicles in the Council and encourage the provision of charging points for users of electric vehicles