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As your councillor I want to respond to you on local issues. Please send me a question and I will get back to you.

I have looked on the roadworks link and cannot see any plans for significant main road road repairs let alone side roads. As I understand a significant government grant for repairs was allocated. Can you please tell me when and where this monies will be spent to start to bring our roads back to condition? There are many areas where the conditions are atrocious. The A60 at the High Oakham and Lichfield Lane junctions are examples.

Thank you for your question.  Nottinghamshire County Council is the responsible authority for roads.  I will make some enquiries to find out about the government grants for repairs and come back to you. Often Government announces projects where it sounds like they are putting in a huge investment but it often turns out to be a fairly small amount by the time it is divided up across the country.  If you have specific roads that need attention, please report them online using this link

and you can also let me know. It often takes several complaints before the County Council decide to do anything to sort out the problems.

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