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05 March 2018

The character of our Towns ans Villages: 20/20 Vision

The character of our Towns ans Villages: 20/20 VisionClick to enlarge

Context & Neighbourhood Character

Many in depth plans have been made for Kiama and our villages, the Charrettes for example. There have also been many ad hoc plans developed to meet needs as they have appeared. So much of this is political fluff and cause and effect thinking.

A Strategic Approach

I think now is the time to have a coordinated, interconnected Local Government Area (LGA) wide vision. We have functioning and active groups and precincts who can work in harmony, an elected council which is united in their dedication to preserving our district's character and a municipality wide desire to have a predictable, well planed and deliverable vision for the future.

We even have a planning committee!

My idea is to harness all these working components and craft a mechanism that will deliver a plan for our immediate future.

A plan that is specific, manageable, attainable and within a realistic time frame. I call it our 20/20 vision.

As both an overarching idea and a community driven approach for improving Kiama's towns and villages, I am hoping 20-20 vision inspires people to collectively develop a plan that will be followed and interwoven into our planing controls.  More than just promoting better urban design, 20-20 vision should  facilitate a creative pattern of use, paying particular attention to the physical, cultural, and social aspects that define our area and support our ongoing evolution.

20-20 vision will demonstrate to our community just how powerful their collective vision can be.

Our rigid planning processes have become so institutionalised that community stakeholders rarely have the chance to voice their own ideas, in some cases, particularly in Gerringong, and jamberoo, these process have resulted in perverse outcomes.

My hope is that 20-20 vision will be welcomed by planners and developers alike because this kind of community involvement states a clear direction and will spare a lot of headaches.

Common problems like traffic-dominated streets with little parking, under-used spaces can be addressed by embracing a model of the Kiama LGA that views the place in its entirety, rather than zeroing in on isolated components.

20-20 Vision should have definite delivery dates for its components. I settled on the name to be both a clarity of vision and a date. We will plan to have all components of this plan in place by the year 2020. This does not mean that capital work must be completed by then, or can't start till then, it means that our plan should be completed by then, and then monitored, measured and where necessary, remolded by then.

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