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23 April 2018

Critical Thinking

Critical ThinkingClick to enlarge

I was lucky at the outset of my adult life that I had a great boss, Frank Yates. Frank was an advertising guru, and pleased to share his knowledge with the world, which included me, his 16 year old, rebellious assistant.

He had a fight on his hands…naturally, I knew everything and this man’s 30 years of experience was merely an impediment from his realisation that I was the ducks guts.

Long, short: I knew nothing and soon tripped over my ego, falling with a crash that saved me.

Frank’s big lesson was objectivity.

Our work was advertising and our market was wide and our ideas would be seen and judged by thousands. People can sniff a fake at 40 paces…of at least at the distance between them and their TV set.

What I learned in my advertisements was to put up a statement, support it with a proposition, an assertion, or an opinion and draw a conclusion. If I was being fair, what the ad was saying was believable. The creativity is making this dry sequence of ‘argument’ interesting and memorable.

I became good and both halves of the equation, creating a logical case and making it interesting and memorable.

This lesson, learned so many years ago seems natural and normal to me now, it’s just the way I operate. So sometimes you will find that I support one argument in council, but not a similar one. That is because no two council matters are the same, at least the logic of each one is different and therefore my conclusions will be different, but I can promise you the methodology I use is as sound as I can make it.

I do not use cognitive bias in looking for evidence, I don’t form an opinion then try and make the facts fit.

I recently attended a conference where this little beauty of a video was used to explain critical thinking in the context of Citizen Juries.

I recon it’s a cracker…have a look and tell me what you think…critically!

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