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About Me

My Obligations for Council:

– Create a fair, efficient and prosperous local economy that supports strong community services.

– Encourage a modern council that empowers community members

–Direct a council that works to protect the environment, the character of our area and sustainable development

– Support an open and tolerant community where diversity is celebrated in all its forms

– Ensure a caring, healthy and well managed municipality 


In my personal life, I have married to Wendy for over four decades with 3 adult children. I live in Kiama and have done for over 20 years. I have enjoyed a working lifetime in business, focusing on marketing and the creative aspects of advertising. I also serve on a number of boards.

In terms of education, I have studied advertising and economics and in 2007, I gained a post-graduate degree in international relations. My service on council began in 2008, I have the qualification of the executive certificate for elected members. 

Politically I am very neutral and consider myself a political agnostic.

I served in the Army (8/12 Medium Regiment, RAA) for three years in the early seventies.

I am an avid reader and have written three screenplays and I divide my time now between council and writing.

I want to make needed changes, encourage greater professional development for councillors and represent the community to the best of my ability.

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