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28 August 2017

Council Life: Getting on with the others on the team.

It is valuable to sometimes reflect on the work of being a councillor, and on how it all works.

Whatever needs changing in a neighbourhood, a councillor could be just the person to change it by becom...

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24 August 2017

Iluka Reserve: Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths and Total Nonsense

On Iluka, council decisions are built on flimsy information. When decisions are based on dubious knowledge, the consequences can be catastrophic. 

The community loses valuable green space, properties...

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23 August 2017

Some Achievments

Here are the goals I set for myself and published following the election last year...

Greater Community Engagement

A motion I put late last year led to extraordinary consultation efforts, even a rev...

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My Priorities

A fair, efficient and prosperous local economy

Fairness is an abstract concept, but I think we ... Read On

Encourage a modern council that empowers community members

Kiama is a council that embraced the NBN, I cha ... Read On

Support an open and tolerant community where diversity is celebrated in all its forms

We are smart enough to want to benefit fr ... Read On